Welcome to OIL CHANGE COUPONS,  the no. 1 site for oil change coupons and for information about the correct oil changes for your car. If you, like us, LOVE your car, or at least want it last as long as possible, then you cannot ignore the importance if car maintenance and therefore, oil changes. However, the economic climate has been tough for anyone in America, so why pay full price for oil changes and car repair, when the proper oil change coupons will enable you to save up to 25% on your next oil change on your car. Thats not being thrifty, thats just being smart.


JIFFYLUBE OIL CHANGE COUPONS: This is an example of a typical printable oil change coupon. To redeem it, it just needs to be printed and handed in. This oil change coupon expires on the 31/12/2011


Why use coupons for oil changes?

Well, obviously to safe money. But is is worth the hassle? Normally yes, but there are a few things, that you need to look out for:

Oil change coupons sometimes come with extra hidden costs.An ‘oil disposal fee’ is occasionally charged on top of the actually ‘oil change fee’, so you need to look out for that.  Oil change coupons can at least  help you to get a discount on the overall bill.

Shop around! At any given time there will be oil change coupons on offer from the big car maintanance players. These include.  Jiffylube oil change coupons, , Valvoline oil change coupons, Grease Monkey coupons, EZ lube and Goodyear coupon

You just need to know where to look for them. This website is a good place to start, as we aim to update the site with new oil change coupons every 2 months.

TIP:  You don’t have to go to your car dealer for a oil change. More often than not, other oil change providers are a lot cheaper than an oil change at the car dealership., where you bought your car. Don’t be fooled. The car dealerships have a large financial interest in you to come back for checkups, oil changes and other ‘after sale’  requirements. People in general do not question this extra cost, and the car dealerships know this. The thinking is that, if you paid 15000$ for a car, then you will not question the 65$ oil change fee (which should have been closer to 30$..)

How big a discount can you expect from  Oil Change Coupons?

The large car maintenance companies all offer oil change discounts, as you can see below:

  • Valvoline which carries a $7 discount on your next full service premium oil change and $5 for your next full service normal oil change.  They also offer $6 discount on any full service oil change.
  • Firestone only allows you to redeem them at any firestone retail shops.
  • Jiffy Lube also offers $9 and $5 oil change coupons for a specific time period  only. (Usually 2 months).
  • Pennzoil  requires you to complete a quick sign up process, before you can redeem your oil change coupons.
Here is another example of an oil change coupon. This Firestone Oil change coupon entitles you to an oil change plus a filter change for just 22.99, but it expires 1/31/2012. Please see the commet sections for newer Firsetone coupons.
Firestone oil change coupons 2012/2013. Printable Firestone coupons

Firestone oil change coupons 2012. Printable Firestone coupons like this one are easy to obtain, but some trems and conditions apply. Click on the image twice to enlarge it.

Changing the oil yourself:

The ultimate oil change discount, ofcourse, is to change the oil yourself. This may seem obvious, but in dire economic time, every little helps. Here is a good information video on changing oil on your car:

If you new to the coupon world, then do yourself a vour and watch this superp video from the ‘Coupon Diva’, who offers tips for free.

Please come back regularly, as we strive to post the newest oil change coupons available, when we see them.  If you have seen an good oil change coupon lately, then please post it in the comments section. Sharing is Caring!


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